Hair Replacement Training Courses

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Our medical Hair loss programs are designed by highly educated registered clinical herbalists & dermatologists. Our programs are backed by science and experience of herbal and botanical ingredients that stops hair loss, and stimulates hair re-growth. Artistic Prosthetics & DME incorporates this knowledge throughout our courses and educates on environmentally friendly, all natural and organic products for natural hair growth and hair replacement options

With over 30 years combined experience in the hair replacement industry, Artistic Prosthetics and DME have earned the respect and confidence of physicians, medical professionals and the insurance industries. Our techniques and products for severe medical hair loss has been recognized as a leader in the beauty industry. Our products are eco-friendly and designed to accommondate the most severe skin and hair conditions. We are proud to educate beauty professionals in the community of our signature techniques, procedures and product lines that is recognized in the medical community as devices that are covered through health insurances. We trust in the very near future many beauty professionals will have all the tools they need to provide this much needed service for their clients.

Skin Grafting Hair Replacement Course For Medical Hair Loss
Instructor Dr. J.Proctor,Ph.D Phone1-888-218-5028
Office 7147 E. Rancho Vista Dr. Suite B-35, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 E-mail [email protected]
Office Hours Tues-Sat 9am – 5 pm EST

Skin Grafting for Medical Hair Loss Conditions is a specialty that is recognized in the medical and insurance industry as a need service that is covered by most insurances.

This educational course is designed to teach licensed hair stylist the signature techniques and procedures that are used to create cranial hair prostheses that are covered through insurance.

Our 2-day intense training is medically directed to ensure safe and correct applications and procedures are adopted.

We will cover the following:

  • Creating a Hypo-allergenic mold for sensitive scalp.
  • Application of Bonding methods that are safe and effective for your client lifestyle and skin conditions.
  • How to incorporate integration units to promote natural hair growth.
  • Treatment that are effective for hair growth after chemotherapy or any other medical treatments.
  • Blending methods that will result in natural hairlines for clients.
  • How to acquire and maintain a professional profile with referring physicians in area.
  • How to become a resource for organizations in your community that need your services.
  • Programs that will help you learn how to get reimbursed through insurances for your products and services.
  • Proper maintenance of hair unit.

Must be a state licensed Cosmetologist.

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